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Best Hair Products 2020! Hair Product Review 2020!

8 simple and effective steps for hair extensions


Date this day to become a popular beauty technology and be loved by you. You can fast to change the look,

it doesn’t take too long to have long hair as you like. No connection allows you to creatively and impressively

blend your hair color. Below will guide you through 8 simple designs for beautiful, smooth hair.

8 bước chăm sóc tóc nối đơn giản và hiệu quả

  1. Clean hair regularly

Hair hygiene is indispensable not only with extensions but also with your real hair. Because the scalp is a

place that produces a lot of sweat, it is an environment for bacteria to develop diseases such as hair fungus

and folliculitis. So keeping the scalp clean is very important because it helps to limit dandruff and hair

problems. Experts recommend that we wash our hair every 2 days to have healthy, clean, soft, and smooth hair.



  1. Wash your hair properly

Hair extension care is simple but not simple at all, requires meticulous care in every detail. Hair extensions

have connections to connect the real hair and the wig, when you wash your hair, be careful not to mess or pull

the hair, which will stretch and possibly slip the link.

Before rinsing, make sure that your hair has been brushed smoothly, because tangled hair that gets wet will

become extremely tangled. Place the shampoo on palm, lather and massage evenly and gently massage the hair

from top to bottom, avoiding rubbing on the scalp with extensions.


Note, wash your hair with your fingertips instead of your nails. Move your hands through the strands of hair

extensions to gently massage to clean the scalp and gently squeeze the ends of hair to the seam. After washing

your hair, take a dry towel to blot away the water from your hair and let it air dry. Absolutely do not mess

your hair in a towel.


  1. Comb your hair

In all steps of hair extensions, brushing is a daily practice. To keep hair extensions always smooth, soft and

obediently, combing is also an art. Gently brush from bottom to top, do not pull or pull your hair because it

stretches the seam easily. And you should remember not to brush your hair when wet, if you do not want to lose

a lot of hair.

  1. Drying the hair

In the best hair extensions care, you let your hair dry naturally after shampooing. But if you are in a hurry,

you can still use the dryer, and should be kept in the fan mode, do not dry at high temperatures because it

will dry hair.

Note, you need to dry the hair near the joint first and then dry the rest. And make sure your hair is

about 70% dry before you brush and style it.


  1. Protect hair extensions when going to sleep

The worst thing about using hair extensions is to mess with hair. So you need to implement the following

hair protections when going to bed: before going to bed, tie your hair to the side to limit the horizontal

rotation and vertical rotation affecting the joints. Or you can wrap your hair in a thin silk scarf to help

keep your extensions from getting tangled in bed.

  1. Use hair extensions

In the hair extensions process, choosing a shampoo and conditioner is very important.

You should use products designed for hair extensions, which are sulfate-free and low in detergent, to keep

your extensions soft and beautiful.

  1. Take care of hair extensions by strengthening them in time

After 2 to 3 months, the hairline becomes elongated and the seam can be exposed, so it’s important to

strengthen the splice. You should go to the salon to reinforce and correct the joints, so that the fixed

strands do not fall out or slip.

  1. Limit the use of chemicals for hair extensions

Currently, salons often use real hair to connect hair,so they can be curled, dyed, or changed to their liking.

But inherently extensions do not absorb nutrients that are vulnerable to damage, so you limit the chemical

impact on hair extensions to have natural, voluminous hair.

Above are 8 simple but effective hair extensions. If you follow the above steps, you will have bouncy hair that attracts all eyes.


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