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Difference Between Remy and Virgin Hair

When you’re getting hair extensions, you want to make sure they are healthy, clean and durable.

Hair extensions should be natural and manageable. That way, they blend flawlessly into your hair and give it a revitalized volume, shape and texture. Manageable hair extensions should be able to withstand multiple washes, brushing and styling.

You want your hair extensions to come from reliable and knowledgeable people who know where their hair is coming from and get the highest quality.

There are many types of hair to choose from, and suppliers often mention Remy and virgin hair extensions.

When you look for hair extensions, make sure you see both of these terms and that they’re coming from a reputable source.

Virgin Hair?

People often mention Remy hair and virgin hair together. These two terms are not synonymous, so it is important that you know the differences when you look for hair extension bundles. They cover two different but significant aspects that will make your hair extensions strong, healthy and gorgeous.

Virgin hair is unprocessed and natural. It’s never been chemically processed or manipulated in any way. Hair donors have never curled, bleached, steamed or colored their hair, so the extensions are healthier and last longer.

Chemical processes or manipulations lead to damaged and unhealthy cuticles. This leads to damage like the hair tangling in knots or breaking off. Virgin hair cuticles are stronger than non-virgin hair cuticles, and the hair doesn’t tangle as easily as non-virgin hair. The natural color of virgin hair is more vibrant and retains its glossy texture after you’ve washed it a few times.;

You need to maintain your hair to keep it healthy, but you don’t have to go above and beyond in different products and methods for virgin hair. Regular washes with shampoo and conditioner will help keep your virgin hair looking and feeling beautiful.

Remy Hair?

The term ‘Remy’ means the characteristics of the hair and the method of manufacture. Remy human hair is the most popular type of human hair due to the good quality and affordable pricing.

Remy hair is one of the top methods of collecting hair for hair extension bundles. Like virgin hair extensions, the hair is gathered so the cuticles are aligned, and they stay next to the original neighboring hairs. The roots of the hair are on one end, and the bottom of the hair is on the other. Everything is even and kept in its natural state.

One of the greatest features about Remy hair is that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and is hypoallergenic.

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