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ASA HAIR is NOT a new hair company.

More than 10 years until now, we come to all cities and provinces in Vietnam to buy human hair, then sell overseas. We are one of the first companies to export this type of products overseas. The first customer is China, then international markets such as America, Europe, Africa, etc.

We manufacture and supply Vietnam human hair, including material hair and hair extensions for so many countries in the world and many commercial customers in Vietnam.

All our products are produced with our commitment and care, utilizing latest advanced technology and methods, by the hands of skillful workers.

Our strengths are: Bulk hair, Weft hair, Variety of wavy, curly styles; Variety of hair colors.

Now we are rebuilding our trademark to provide you the best quality of hair with the most competitive price!

At ASA HAIR, we love to be your trusted partner alongside your business and grow with your expansion of development

With ASA HAIR, you are not only a longterm customer, You are our friend to be honest!


To be the most preferable and trustful natural hair manufacturer in Vietnam

To offer our customers great services, top quality products at competitive prices


Customer focus: customers satisfaction and loyalty oriented

Competitive prices: best price for high standard products


Customer Services: 24/7 availability, responsive contact via Hotline, Email, Whatsapp, Skype Multi-language sales support: English, French, Russian, Portuguese,… 100% remy human hair: Natural human hair that is soft, smooth, silky, beautiful, tangle-free and thick (top to bottom) Top quality for a competitive price: No hidden fee for middle man or dealer, huge capacity factory, high standard products (easy to use, long lifespan, various length, textures and color without damages to your own hair) Guaranteed customer satisfaction: customers sustainable development with long-term partnership Global shipping: UPS, DHL, FEDEX, AIRLINES,… Supportive after-sale caring policies

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